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Dentures are an alternative to tooth replacement and can involve a full appliance or a partial appliance. 


A partial denture can replace multiple missing teeth while there are still natural teeth in the mouth, a full denture replaces all the natural teeth. Sometimes the existing teeth will need to be prepared to support the partial appliance. In other instances, all the teeth may need to be removed, and a full appliance made. Both of these options are completely removable and not permanently fixed in the mouth. 

Immediate Dentures

If it is necessary to take out all of the remaining teeth, we will recommend an immediate set of dentures delivered the same day as the extractions. Immediate dentures are worn in the interim to allow healing of the gum and bone. Once proper healing has been achieved your permanent set of dentures will be fabricated. Dentures may require multiple adjustments over several appointments to achieve optimal comfort. If you are new to dentures there is a learning curve and it may take some time to get used too. 


How to Care for Dentures

You will be instructed on how to care for and properly clean your dentures. We recommend removing the appliances to brush and floss any remaining teeth. It is important to clean your mouth and brush your dentures daily. Do not wear the appliances overnight, instead soak them in a mild soaking solution to clean. 


Still schedule regular check ups

Even with dentures it is important to maintain regular checkups. We check the fit and stability of the appliance, adjust any sore spots and do an oral cancer screening.  

We will be in touch!

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