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Dental Implant

Implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth! 


They allow us to restore the missing tooth without compromising the adjacent teeth, easy flossing and hygiene maintenance and preserves the bone in the jaw. Implants are a titanium post placed into the jawbone to provide support for an artificial tooth. 


A good candidate for Implants requires:

  • Enough thickness and height of bone (although augmentation to both is sometimes achievable) 

  • Good oral health and hygiene 

What to Expect


Multiple Visits – Case Dependent 


During the first visit the doctor will deliver local anesthetic to the surgery site and place the implant into the bone. They will either sew up the gum tissues completely over the implant or place a healing cap that will slightly stick out over the gums. You will be left to heal for around three months. At the three months mark you will return to the office to ‘test’ the stability of the implant. The implant is exposed under local anesthetic if underneath the gum tissue, and a healing cap (if not placed initially) will be screwed onto the implant. We will allow the gum tissues to heal for one to two weeks. 


When you return, the doctor will remove the healing cap and place an implant specific impression coping, take an x-ray to ensure fit and take final impressions of the teeth to send to the lab. We will take photos and pick a tooth shade at this time. Your healing cap will be replaced, and you will return in two weeks for the delivery of your crown. 


At delivery, we will remove the healing cap and irrigate the site with an antibacterial rinse prior to seating the custom abutment and crown. The crown will be hand tightened and checked for proper fit and aesthetics, an x-ray will be taken to confirm seat. If approved, the abutment and crown will be securely tightened into place with a special instrument. If an access hole is present, we seal the hole with tooth colored composite material. Alternatively, the crown may be cemented onto the custom abutment. This will be determined prior to fabrication by your doctor. 

We will be in touch!

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