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Porcelain Crowns
Porcelain crowns

With a full coverage porcelain crown we can protect a tooth that is likely to break or too damaged to be corrected with a traditional filling. 


Your doctor may prescribe a porcelain crown if a tooth has been damaged by a large cavity, root canal, grinding or fracture and is likely to break from the stress of daily use. Porcelain crowns are lab made crowns with improved strength and durability used to restore a tooth to its former glory. These crowns are full coverage, meaning they surround your tooth 360 degrees and down to the gum line. 

What to Expect


Two appointments necessary

First Appointment

At your first appointment at Oak Park Dental Studio, we will administer full local anesthetic for the tooth being treated. Your doctor will then prepare the tooth conservatively to create room for the porcelain crown - think just a smaller version of itself. A small piece of yarn will be placed around the tooth to displace the gum tissue and allow a super accurate impression. We will take a putty impression of the prepped tooth and area so the lab can re-create your natural tooth. 

A temporary crown is fabricated, polished and cemented with a temporary cement to allow for removal later. During the next two weeks you will need to avoid anything sticky or hard on that side of the mouth to prevent the temporary from breaking or becoming dislodged. If this happens you can re-cement the temporary with over-the-counter temporary crown cement until you can make an appointment at the office. The purpose of the temporary crown is to protect the tooth from sensitivity and keep the gums from rolling over the margins of the tooth. 


Second Appointment

At your second visit, you may or may not need to be anesthetized, depending on your case. Your temporary crown will be removed and the tooth cleaned. Your final crown will be seated and examined for perfection. We will take an x-ray to ensure a quality fit and then get your aesthetic approval. The inside of the crown will be cleaned and the tooth isolated and dried, cement will be placed inside the crown and the crown seated. Excess cement will be removed and post op instructions will be given. 

For more information about porcelain crowns at Oak Park Dental Studio, or to schedule a consultation, call the office at (708) 386 -2233. 

We will be in touch!

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