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Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

Stained teeth got you down? Coffee, tea, red wine and smoking habits happily display themselves on your teeth over time.


At Oak Park Dental Studio, we offer in office Glo Whitening treatment and professional strength Glo Whitening take home kits. Our whitening procedure is an easy, non-invasive and known to cause the least amount of post-op sensitivity. Remove years of stains in one visit! 

What to Expect


One Hour In- Office Treatment 


After an examination and cleaning have been completed by Oak Park Dental Studio, we will suggest you prepare for your whitening treatment by brushing with Sensodyne toothpaste for 1 week before, during and after your whitening procedure. At the appointment, lip balm will be provided for comfort, bring headphones if you would like! A protective barrier will be placed around the teeth over the gum tissues and a hydrogen peroxide solution will be painted on the teeth. This will sit for 8 minutes, then suctioned off the teeth and will be repeated for a total of 4 sessions. 


Post treatment instructions will be provided on what food and beverages to stay away from for the next few days. Basically, anything that can stain a white shirt should be avoided! The teeth are very porous after whitening and will soak up anything with color. 


Some sensitivity can occur but will not last long. Brushing with the Sensodyne toothpaste and staying away from foods and drinks that are extremely hot or cold should help over the next few days. 


Professional Take Home Whitening Kit 


Getting ready for some professional headshots, hot date or a wedding? Check out our Glo Professional take home whitening kits. No gooey impressions required as these kits are universal in size. Getting the take home kit, especially after the in-office procedure, will allow you to boost your smile any time you want.  This professional strength solution is not offered in stores and is only available for purchase by a licensed dentist. 

We will be in touch!

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